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Purpose of the Labour Force Survey

Acquiring new or updated knowledge on the labour market status of the Danish population is of vital importance to a modern society like Denmark. An important condition for this is the investigation of the labour market situation. Often, knowledge concerning the labour market situation in Denmark can only be acquired through direct contact with the population. This is why Statistics Denmark, in cooperation with Epinion conduct a continuous survey on the labour market status of the population.

The survey is conducted in all EU-member states, and it is used internationally, amongst others by the EU, the OECD, and the ILO. The survey is used nationally by researchers, politicians, ministries, trade unions and other parties of the labour market as well as others who are interested in the labour market.

Content of the Labour Force Survey

The survey is primarily conducted to describe the labour market status of the Danish population and it includes people in the age 15-74 years who are part of the labour market as well as those outside the labour market. Among other things, the survey aims to:

  • Illustrate the number of people employed, unemployed, undergoing education, in retirement etc.
  • Illustrate the population.s fields and levels of education and which courses the population is currently attending.
  • Disclose the conditions on the labour market, such as weekly working hours, atypical working hours etc.

Your participation is important

The participants are chosen at random, and you are among the 37.000 persons who together will illustrate the entire population.s conditions on the labour market. We have acquired your name and address from the Civil Registration System (CPR). In order for the survey.s representation of reality to be as truthful as possible it is highly important that all participants respond. The representation will be biased if some fail to respond. Participation is of course voluntarily, however, we do hope that you too will participate in order to ensure the best possible illustration of the labour market.

The interview will only take a short while (approximately 5 minutes).

One of our interviewers will contact you by telephone within the next few weeks. We interview the same respondents four times, since this is the best way to investigate development in the labour market.


Any information that is given to us will be handled with confidentiality. Individuals cannot be identified in publications. We do our best to secure anonymity in our daily production of statistics. Obviously we have your name and telephone number during the interview, but as soon as the interview is over, the information you gave us is separated from your name and telephone number. The employees, who work with the information given, do not have access to your name and telephone number. Furthermore, our employees are under professional secrecy.


The results of the Labour Force Survey are published quarterly on the website of Statistics Denmark. The main results of the Labour Force Survey are published quarterly in the series .Nyt Fra Danmarks Statistik. (Danish only). Furthermore the data is available on the website Statistics Denmark. A description of the Labour Force Survey is found on Documentation of statistics. Furthermore figures can be found in .Konjukturstatistik. and .Statistisk Årbog. (both are official publications from Statistics Denmark), and several other publications have been produced in Danish, including Køn og arbejdsliv (on gender and the labour market), De ældre og arbejdsmarkedet (on senior citizens and the labour market) and Helbredsproblemer og arbejdsliv (on health issues and the labour market). Quarterly figures are also available in Øresundsdatabanken and through Eurostat, the OECD and the ILO.

Further information

Should you wish to know more about the survey, or wish to contact us, you are most welcome to call this free number: 80 606 004 or send an SMS saying: aku followed by a space and the text you wish to send to the number 1220 (regular fee) or send an e-mail to: arbejdskraft@dst.dk. Please inform your reference number at all enquiries.

You are also welcome to look through our FAQ in the menu to the left to see the most frequently asked questions.

Thank you for your goodwill and time for participation.